Lynk Labs – Previous News

Posted on May 27, 2011

Nov 2011
Lynk Labs awarded more AC-LED technology patents

Feb 2011
Lynk Labs makes Tesla AC-LED packages available as discrete components

July 2010
Lynk Labs AC-LED Festoon lamps light up RedRock Casino in Las Vegas CA

December 09
Lynk Labs awarded second AC LED technology patent

October 09
Epistar and Lynk Labs sign equity investment & licensing agreement

June 09
Lynk Labs introduces direct 120V/240V AC mains-compatible SnapBrite™ light engine.

Feb 09
Lynk awarded the first of its AC ED technology patents [US patent 7,489,086] covering a broad range of AC LED technology including devices, light engines, power supplies and lighting systems.

Sept 08
Tesla™ simplifies LEDs for the OEM general lighting market

July 08
Lynk Labs enters LED device market with the Tesla AC LED chip

May 08
An Alternate Way of Driving LEDs – Tim Whitaker of LEDs Magazine analyses the current surge in AC LED technology applications. Download article

May 08
Lynk Labs adds Cree to AC LED technology supplier network

Feb 08
Lynk Labs booth at Strategies In Light 2008 demonstrates the benefits of AC LEDs to general lighting OEMs.

Nov 07
Lynk Labs drew crowds again this year at LEDs 2007 with the introduction of XyLite ­ a breakthrough in AC LED light engine technology.

Nov 07
Advanced LED packaging technology. Lynk Labs’ latest patented technology breakthrough ThermaLynk continues to push the boundaries of LED application efficiency from die level to luminaire.

Oct 07
Lynk Labs introduces the SnapBrite product series and the SB-6500 AC LD module. Lynk Labs introduces SnapBrite modular AC LED.

Nov 06
Lynk Labs drew big crowds to its booth at LEDs 2006 with its SnapBrite AC LED modules and its ThermaLynk packaging technology. Lynk Lab excites crowd with AC LED and packaging innovations.

Oct 06
Lynk Labs introduces new innovations at the LEDs 2006 conference in San Diego. Exhibit highlights from Intertech LEDs 2006 conference.